Hi, I'm Lucy!

Midwife, Mother, and Holistic Coach Coach.

Giving you a critical layer of support beyond routine pregnancy care. 

Hi, I'm Lucy!

Midwife, Mother, and Coach.

I offer a critical layer of support beyond routine pregnancy care, from preconception through postpartum. I specialize in balancing modern obstetrics with holistic care.

I was a midwife before having my own children, but it did not prevent me from experiencing the universal challenges of pregnancy, birth, and parenting.


When I first became pregnant nine years ago, I was plagued with many of the same things I supported my own patients through‚ÄĒanxiety around birth, painful early breastfeeding, and significant postpartum depletion. Even though I was a midwife, I was still a first time mother, experiencing everything for myself!

The second time around, I knew I was going to do things differently. 

After months of focused physical and emotional preparation, I was able to have a beautiful birth after only 54 minutes of labor.  I was also able to have a restorative postpartum experience because I prioritized my own healing and learned, through past mistakes, how to truly nourish myself.

All of these tips and techniques that I have learned through caring for thousands of families, as well as my own motherhood journey, I share with my clients just like you!


I believe that everyone deserves to thrive during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

With the right kind of support and guidance, it becomes easy to optimize your health and the health of your baby, birth with confidence and power, and have a healing, restorative postpartum experience.

Support and Guidance

Whether you are choosing to use an epidural or to have a water birth. Whether you are birthing at home or you have a planned cesarean birth. Whether this is your first baby or ninth baby. Whether through surrogacy, adoption, solo parenting, or the myriad of ways a family is formed, I am honored to support and guide you through your journey. 


Woven into all of my 1:1 sessions and online education is a balanced background as both a medical and holistic practitioner. As a Yale-trained, hospital-based midwife for over a decade and a clinical instructor for resident physicians, I am well-versed in modern obstetrics. I integrate my medical background with a passion for holistic care and root-cause functional medicine.

To solidify my holistic knowledge, I have studied Herbal Medicine under Dr. Aviva Romm; taken nutrition courses from Lily Nichols, RDN; trained as a facilitator for both "Centering Pregnancy" and "Spinning Babies"; learned midwifery skills on "The Farm" with midwife Ina May Gaskin; and studied "Physiologic Postpartum Care" with Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM, of Innate Traditions. I firmly believe that there is a time and place for both eastern and western medicine.

My philosophy is one of balance and my clients tell me that they love this integrated model of support.

Work with Lucy


From Lucy's client base around the globe.

Jenna - Austin, TX

"Lucy has been and continues to be an absolute gift, resource and ally throughout my journey towards and into motherhood ‚ÄĒ throughout my time trying to conceive, navigating and healing from 2 early miscarriages, through my most recent pregnancy that brought my son earth-side at just over 34 weeks, and even now into my tender postpartum days.¬†¬†Lucy has a vast and holistic wealth of medical and practical knowledge that comes along with her many years of devoted experience and intellectual curiosity‚Ķand I love how she leverages and balances a range of western and eastern wisdom.¬†¬†She is deeply empathetic, patient, encouraging, thoughtful and committed to the wellness of her clients‚Ķ.she truly tends to the WHOLE mother‚Ķ.physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.¬†¬†Working with her is nothing short of pure medicine, magic and nourishment.¬†¬†Every mama that gets to work with Lucy is a lucky one!"

Hopie - Los Angeles

"I¬† wish I could¬†give the life-changing gift of Lucy to all of my pregnant friends. Lucy was an invaluable guide during my pregnancy and in postpartum. I love my OBGYN, but having a second expert - an experienced midwife I could reach out to with all manner of detailed questions - provided me with incredible practical & emotional support. I can‚Äôt tell you how many times when I was stressing over something major (or minor) to my husband/mom/sister/doula, they‚Äôd say ‚Äúask Lucy.‚Ä̬†

She got us through breech (thanks to her guidance the baby flipped!), navigating c section, and throughout the hazy postpartum land of a million questions from recurrent mastitis to baby’s exposure to various illnesses. But perhaps most importantly she sent me the most encouraging, loving, practical advice in those magical but overwhelming first few weeks as a new mom. Having Lucy on your team makes everything feel much smoother." 

Gaby - Milan, Italy 

‚ÄúMy virtual care session with Lucy was so nourishing, supportive and affirming! We focused on post weaning self-care and future family planning- both complex topics that often go unsupported. It was so helpful to talk it through with someone of her expertise as a midwife and mother. Lucy is an angel from Heaven come down to earth. She is so real, and as a mama herself has been through it all. You truly feel that she gets it. She cared for me with love, respect and most importantly without judgement. Lucy is a tremendous listener, which I feel is the most important quality we need in our healers and birth/medical practitioners - sadly a rare commodity today! I could not recommend working with Lucy more highly on your journey to, or through,¬†motherhood. You won‚Äôt regret it!‚Ä̬†


You're 3 steps away from transforming your pregnancy.


Choose your preferred model of support

Pick from a single coaching session, the "Prepare for Birth" package, or the comprehensive "Natal Nine" program. There is also a "NOURISH: a holistic postpartum recovery mini course" in the works!

Schedule your first session

As soon as you purchase a package, you will create your "Client Portal". From the portal you can schedule your first virtual session.

Get ready to feel nourished and empowered through trusted information, personalized guidance and heart-centered support. 

When you receive the right kind of support, you will feel it both physically and emotionally. For instance, when you are your baby are eating and moving optimally, you will feel this in the form of energy! When you are prepared for birth and postpartum, you will enter into those major life transitions with confidence and ease. Each session will be followed by an easy-to-follow action plan to provide you all the next steps.

Prepare for Birth Package

Three coaching sessions to support you as you mentally, physically, and logistically prepare for birth. Sessions are accompanied by guides on Labor and Birth, Partner Support, Birth Wishes, and much more! Enter into birth feeling empowered and confident!

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Natal Nine Program

Signature program that includes nine coaching sessions from first trimester through six weeks postpartum. Each session includes personalized recommendations an materials to help you have your healthiest pregnancy, the birth you desire, and a restorative postpartum.

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Individual Coaching Sessions

Just one 60-minute coaching session can be a game changer! Sessions are centered around topics such as nutrition, weaning, miscarriage support, holistic thyroid support, mood support, birth story listening, prevention of maternal depletion, and so much more. 

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Give yourself the guidance, education, and heart-centered support that you need and deserve.


Experience the time and space to ask questions and truly be heard within 60-minute sessions. After each session, you will receive personalized follow up emails with easy-to-follow next steps. You will also receive all of my guides with the salient "Cliff Notes" for each stage of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

All sessions are flexible to meet your scheduling needs and happen virtually, from the comfort of your own home!

Work with Lucy

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Everyone prepares for birth. Let's normalize "Planning for Postpartum"! It is just as crucial.

36-page guide with tips on postpartum food prep, visitor boundaries, big sibling transition, household division of labor, supplies to order and appointments to make while you are still pregnant, and so much more!

5 Fun Facts About Me



I studied Comparative Religions and studied for one year in both Nepal and South Africa as an undergraduate at Middlebury College. 


My twin brother and I were born at 30 weeks and both weighed less than 3 lbs!


I learned to drive stick shift on a 1979 Ford F250. 


One of my babies was born in the hospital and the other one was born in a tub in our bedroom. 


In what seems like a separate life, I toured the country playing music.

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