Are you looking for personalized and expert guidance beyond your routine pregnancy care?

Coaching for Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum from a midwife who balances modern obstetrics with a passion for holistic care. All from the comfort of your own home.

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Does prenatal care feel like a maze? Do you feel prepared to give birth? Do you feel prepared to be a parent? Do you feel like you are missing something critical?

It is impossible to fully prepare with 15 minute prenatal visits. 

Do not let yourself experience preventable complications  or be exhausted with a new baby, looking back and wondering how it could have all been easier. Give yourself the support that you need and deserve.

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Picture this for yourself...

This is the type of nourishing, informative, and empoweing pregnancy care that you can have.


Deep Listening

60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions where you have the time and space to ask questions and to truly be heard.


Personalized Guidance

After each session, you will receive a personalized follow up email with a summary of our session and easy-to-follow next steps.


A pregnancy roadmap

You will also receive my guides with the salient "Cliff Notes" for wherever you are along your pregnancy journey.

I was a midwife before I had my own children, and still it was hard.


Laboring, giving birth, breastfeeding, newborn care, making parenting choices‚ÄĒall of it.¬†

Over the past 16 years, I've¬†cared for thousands of families‚ÄĒfrom large New York City hospitals to attending water births in Vermont.¬† As a Yale-trained, hospital-based midwife and clinical instructor¬†for resident physicians, I am well-versed in modern obstetrics.¬†My clients appreciate that I¬†blend my medical background with¬†a passion for holistic care.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all guidebook on how to do it all!  If you are looking to demystify the process and to help to bring some ease into your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey, you have come to the right place!


Customized nutrition and supplement recommendations for you and your growing baby.

Guidance on mindfulness, movement, holistic mood support, and stress reduction.


Stepwise approach on how to physically, mentally, and logistically prepare for  birth.   

Crucial planning for postpartum. Plus time-tested ways to prevent maternal depletion.


Choose from the Natal Nine program; the "Prepare for Birth" package; or individual coaching sessions. Pick your preferred method of working together below and let's get started!

Prepare for Birth Package

Three coaching sessions to support you as you mentally, physically, and logistically prepare for birth. Sessions are accompanied by guides on Labor and Birth, Partner Support, Birth Wishes, and much more! Enter into birth feeling empowered and confident!

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Natal Nine Program

Signature program that includes nine coaching sessions from first trimester through six weeks postpartum. Each session includes personalized recommendations and self-paced learning to help you have your healthiest pregnancy, the birth you desire, and a restorative postpartum.

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Single Coaching Sessions

Just one 60-minute coaching session can be a game changer! Sessions are centered around topics such as nutrition, weaning, miscarriage support, holistic thyroid support, mood support, birth story listening, prevention of maternal depletion, and so much more. 

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You're 3 steps away from transforming your pregnancy experience.

Choose your preferred model of support

Pick from a single coaching session, the "Prepare for Birth" package, or the comprehensive "Natal Nine" program. Coming soon, there will be a holistic postpartum care self-paced course called "Nourish."

Schedule your first session

As soon as you purchase a package, you will create your "Client Portal". From the portal you can schedule your first virtual session. 

Get ready to feel nourished and empowered through trusted information, personalized guidance and heart-centered support. 

When you receive the right kind of support, you will feel it both physically and emotionally. For instance, when you are your baby are eating and moving optimally, you will feel this in the form of energy! When you are prepared for birth and postpartum, you will enter into those major life transitions with confidence and ease. Each session will be followed by an easy-to-follow action plan to provide you all the next steps.

Mad River Birth and Wellness

A new paradigm for pregnancy care.


The name "Mad River Birth and Wellness" comes from the beautiful valley where I live with my family in Vermont. On a side note, my second baby was born so quickly, he was nearly born on the banks of the Mad River! 

I started Mad River Birth and Wellness in order to create a critical added layer to pregnancy care. I know that most people are in dire need of more guidance, preparation, and heart-centered support. 

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Everyone prepares for birth. Let's normalize "Planning for Postpartum"! It is just as crucial.

36-page guide with tips on postpartum food prep, visitor boundaries, big sibling transition, household division of labor, supplies to order and appointments to make while you are still pregnant, and so much more!